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Futron Nominated For JSC Exceptional Software Award

Feb 15, 2012

Bethesda MD, February 15, 2012 – Futron Corporation is pleased to announce the nomination of the JSC Facilities Review Database (JFReD) for the JSC Exceptional Software Award.

JFReD is a Futron-developed user-interface, secure web-based application with advanced data archiving and reporting capabilities that helps synthesize integrated analysis and decision/metrics reports for the JSC Facilities Manager and Center Management.

Born out of the need to combine and produce comprehensive facilities and capabilities reports that may be tracked and reported over an extensive planning timeframe, JFReD efficiently mines all user-entered data and produces pre-decisional presentation-ready, and visually pleasing reports (in MS PowerPoint) for decision management of Facilities planning, infrastructure costs, usage comparisons over time, data completion, facility-associated workforce, and cost and utilization statistics and reports.

JFReD has been showcased at the Facilities Session discussions of the last two NASA PM Challenge forums, and it inspired the design for the NASA Technical Capabilities Database (NTCD), which compiles decision-ready technical capabilities portfolio and utilization data at an Agency level for all ten NASA centers.

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